How to Most Effectively Use Your Air Conditioning in the Car

effectively use your air conditioning in the car

Summer is in full swing, which means feeling like your face is melting when you open your car door is a common occurrence. We all want to cool down our cars as fast as we can, but immediately turning on your air conditioning on full blast is not the way to do it. Here are a few tips on how to effectively use your air conditioning in the car.

  • Seek the shade. Park in the shade or use a sun shield in your window whenever you can. This won’t keep your car from getting hot, but it might keep it from feeling like the inside of an oven.
  • Air it out. Once you get in your car, do not turn on your air conditioning right away. Instead, roll down all the windows and drive for a minute or two to let the hot air escape.
  • Take it slow. Once you turn on your A/C, gradually lower the temperature and increase the fan speed until you reach your ideal temperature.
  • Use the recirculation. When you feel the air start to get cold, press the recirculation button. This makes the system take the already cooled air from your car instead of the hot air from outside.
  • Turn it off. Before you arrive at your destination, turn off the A/C, but not the fan. This will help the evaporator dry out and keep it smelling fresh.

Follow these simple steps to keep you feeling cool all summer long. Give us a call at Crown Motors if your A/C needs some attention.

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