How DIY Car Maintenance Can Save You Money


How DIY Car Maintenance Can Save You Money

DIY Car Maintenance

Having your car repaired and undergoing routine maintenance at a dealership can cost you a good chunk of change but, odds are, you can do some routine maintenance tasks at home. While you should still head to dealership service departments for major repairs, taking care of routine maintenance, like oil changes, are a great DIY task to save some money. Here at Crown Motor Company, we have the low down on how DIY car maintenance can save you money!


If a service technician is working on your car for an hour or two, who pays them? Answer: you. During any visit to a service department or mechanic’s garage, you, the customer, are paying the labor costs. That number can add up quickly. If a maintenance item takes more than a few hours, it might be best to handle it at home.



More often than not, you can find replacement parts, like windshield wipers, cheaper at a supermarket than at a dealership. Take advantage of the lower cost and replace them yourself!



Unless you live in the general vicinity of a dealership, driving is the only way to get your car to the service department. Depending how far away that is, fuel costs can add up over the years. For additional savings on fuel, take care of simple routine maintenance items at home.

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