Kia Develops an Autonomous School of Rock Kia Sedona

driving kia sedona

If there are two things above all else that Kia is passionate about, those would be vehicle technology and helping out a good cause. Kia recently took its two biggest passions and combined them into one in a big way. According to a news report from The News Wheel, Kia developed an autonomous School of Rock Kia Sedona.

Kia has recently been making some huge strides in the realm of autonomous driving. The company believes that autonomous driving is the way of the future, and it is dedicated to paving the path toward that future.

Kia also wanted to find a way to support a worthwhile cause. Few causes are more worthwhile than the mission of School of Rock, the premier organization in the world of music education.

As such, Kia developed a special edition of the Kia Sedona that not only used autonomous technologies, but also was decorated and decked out with supplies perfect for educating young musicians.

Inside the modified Sedona is a whole host of musical equipment, including a fully-functional sound station and recording equipment!

When it comes to standing out in a crowd, both Kia and the School of Rock have that perfected. Working together, they have created a vehicle that stands out even more.

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