Boot Campaign in Tyler, Texas Supports Military Families

Military men and women across the globe work hard every day to protect the things we hold most dear. To show support for them and their families, the Boot Campaign in Tyler, Texas is dedicated to raising awareness for the challenges these families face every day.

Boot campaign in Tyler

Here at Crown Kia of Tyler, we think this organization is doing great work, which is why we recognized them in our recent Charity Madness event on Facebook.

To raise funds for the families, Boot Campaign sells combat boots, military-themed merchandise, and other apparel. In addition to these activities, they accept public donations along with corporate sponsorships to fund programs for military families.

Boot Campaign was started in 2009 by five women in Texas. The original purpose of the campaign was just for funding a photo campaign, but quickly evolved to a non-profit organization that it is today.

By wearing combat boots, especially when paired with something like a suit or a dress, everyone will notice. This is a good way to engage others in conversations about military needs.

According to the Disabled Americans Annual Report, there are 1.1 million disabled American veterans under the age of 55.

If you want to show your support for this great organization, you can purchase their products online or make a donation.

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