Why Buy a Kia Soul EV

why Buy a Kia Soul EV - 2017 Kia Soul EV

If you’ve been thinking of switching to an electric vehicle, now is a good time. There are multiple models of efficient electric vehicles on the market, and none are quite as full with personality as the Kia Soul EV. Here are four reasons why you should consider a Kia Soul EV from Crown Kia of Tyler for your next vehicle.

Sporty Appearance

The powertrain may be entirely different, but the Kia Soul EV still maintains its quirky, athletic exterior and its roomy, thoughtful interior.

Green Interior

The Kia Soul EV helps you go green in more ways than one. Thoughtful, eco-friendly materials are used throughout the cabin of the Kia Soul EV.

Lots of Space

Many electric vehicles are super compact in size—but not the Kia Soul EV! This electric SUV offers an impressive amount of cargo space, plus 60/40 split-folding rear seats for versatility.

Bye Bye, Gas Pump

Not only does driving an all-electric vehicle mean that you’ll never have to buy gas again. It also means that you’re driving emissions-free and helping to reduce pollution. With a less complex powertrain system, repairs to electric vehicles often cost less than with gas-fueled options, meaning you’ll be saving plenty of money behind the wheel of the Kia Soul EV.

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