Add a Twist to the Holidays with These Texas Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Dinner

Nobody prepares food like a Texan. While most people think of a traditional turkey with stuffing, a side of mashed potatoes, some veggies, and a plate of pumpkin pie as the ideal Thanksgiving meal, we at Crown Kia of Tyler know that Texas Thanksgiving recipes yield far better results. Here are some of our favorite Texas-inspired Thanksgiving meals.

  • Deep-fried turkey: Everything is better fried. Here’s how to deep-fry your turkey in time for Thanksgiving.
  • Homemade cornbread: Cornbread is the perfect accompaniment to a deep-friend turkey, but make it Texas style with cheese and jalapenos.
  • Texas garlic mashed potatoes: Garlic and caramelized onions are the secret to this Texas favorite.
  • Calabacitas con crema: Forget the green bean casserole. The best way to get your daily veggies on Thanksgiving is in Calabacitas con crema, which uses green chiles, squash, and sweet onion. Get a recipe here.
  • Lavender-infused lemonade: This is lemonade with a twist. Serve it alongside pecans and pepitas.
  • Butternut squash cheesecake: Renowned Texas chef, Michelle Antonishek, shared her favorite dessert recipe—butternut squash cheesecake. This is a twist on cheesecake you won’t want to miss.

What is your favorite Texas Thanksgiving dish? Share it with the us in the comments below.

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