Kia unveils Imagine vehicle concept in Geneva

Concept | Tyler, TX

The engineers and designers at Kia are proud to unveil their newest creation and the next step in electric vehicle design. The Imagine vehicle concept by Kia was shown for the first time to the world in Geneva recently, and several design elements immediately began making waves.

The design of the Imagine is hard to define as it is a unique combination of sedan, crossover, and coupe that is not based on anything previously developed. The novel door setup, front and rear opening in reverse of one another, also stands out. The Imagine by Kia is the first all-electric vehicle Kia has produced. The compact electric engine is powered by an induction-charged battery pack but so far the capabilities and range of the vehicle have been kept shrouded in mystery, only building suspense on when more information will be released.

Other design elements stood out on the Imagine by Kia like the dash that has the various panels and readouts for the vehicle not on one large screen, but on 21 high-resolution panels displayed in an arc on the dash in what Kia representatives have described as a “fresh and witty approach” on the in-dash screen display trend that has been so popular in recent designs.

Here at Crown Kia of Tyler, we are excited to hear more about this new Kia concept.  

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